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FAQ on Certifications

Why bother with certification?
Certifications are an important contribution to our ambition to ‘Change the way we give’. Certification proves that our products are what they claim to be (e.g.. recycled, organic, ethically sourced, socially audited). No greenwashing.

XD Connects has an FSC certification. Does this mean that all XD Connects’ products containing ‘Forest products’ such as wood and paper are FSC-certified?
No. Certification relates to materials in a product, not the company. XD Connects certification allows us to carry FSC products and communicate about them through public claims. This principle also applies to the other standards.

What does the supply chain of a certified product look like?
A certification on a products indicates that the certified material (e.g. recycled paper, recycled plastic etc.) can be trace from XD Connects all the way to the first actor in the supply chain, e.g. the recycling plant. There are processes in place to make sure that every actor in the supply chain has a valid certificate at all times.

XD Connects’ Impact Collection has an AWARE tracer. How does this differ from certification?
Both concepts have traceability at its core. Both approaches follow the materials in question from sourcing to end product. Before having entered into certification schema, XD Connects introduces the AWARE tracer in product to enable traceability. The AWARE tracer cannot yet be used for hard goods, which is where regular certifications ensure traceability.

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