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A bright and green future lies ahead of us if we all start to be more conscious. We believe that recycable starts with transparency. We believe that traceability and sustainability are deeply connected. XD Connects carries products that aim to make an impact on the use of water where possible. We strive to do so by using recycled polyester and cotton. When using these recycled materials we save thousands of litres of water *.

With AWARE™ we guarantee the genuine used recycled fabric materials and the water impact reduction claim. AWARE™ is a virtual component that verifies sustainable content in a final product by tracer technology and validates claims by blockchain technology.

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Product certification
Third-party certification of our products contributes to transparency in our supply chain. Currently, we certify recycled content and materials sources from forest products for many of our products. The below certification standards are internationally recognized. XD Connects and her supply chain partners are audited by independent experts to guarantee a fully certified supply chain.

Click here to read some FAQ's on certifications
Any questions regarding XD Connects’ compliance to the FSC, GRS and/or RCS standards can be addressed to

FSC – responsibly sourced forest products
“By choosing products with the FSC label, consumers can be sure that the items they are purchasing have not been manufactured at the expense of the forest, or the animals, plants and people who rely on it.” XD Connects (Xindao) trademark licence code: FSC-N003614
Recycled Claim Standard
RCS aims to increase the use of recycled materials in products. This standard verifies the recycled content in a product, tracing it start to finish. RCS and GRS are set by the Textile Exchange; they are widely used for non-textile products. Review our RCS Scope Certificate.
Global Recycled Standard
GRS aims to increase the use of recycled materials in products. The GRS has two additional objectives, namely (1) improve social and environmental conditions in production and (2) achieve a higher percentage of recycled content in products (compared to RCS).
Review our GRS Scope Certificate.

To measure our progress we do a yearly Ecovadis Assessment. This assessment gives an independent rating on many ESG subjects.
Ecovadis information sheet.

Supply Chain social commitment
We want to see certain social standards met in our supply chain. To ensure this, we are a member of Amfori-BSCI and we are working towards sourcing all our products from audited suppliers. We also value transparency and empowering our customers to make more sustainable choices. Customers can filter for products sourced from factories with a valid social audit and these products can be identified by the Amfori-BSCI logo on their product page.
We work closely with our suppliers to make sure they understand the BSCI code of Conduct and we communicate clearly that we expect to see improvements over time in their social audits.

Click here to read some FAQ’s on Amfori-BSCI

Product Safety
We strive to maintain a culture of integrity and compliance. We believe that this is the foundation of a successful organization. Our compliance system is written according to NEN-ISO 37301:2021 “Compliance management systems – Guidelines”. We manage, monitor and improve our quality and compliance in accordance with this system.
Currently we have 16 dedicated employees in Shanghai responsible for our general product quality and compliance. This team is supported by 12 employees from product development and purchase, and a compliance manager from HQ in the Netherlands. The purpose of this team is to determine internal and external issues related to compliance risks.
Download our compliance and safety quick-check with more information here.

Sustainable development goals (SDG)
The UN Sustainable Development Goals are part of our ESG strategy to create a positive impact, together with you! We recognise SDG 12 and SDG 13 as key to our business, it is here that we can make an impact on both Environmental and Social topics. All our major projects and activities will contribute in a positive way to these goals. Supportive to these key goals are SDG 8, SDG 9 and SDG 15. By engaging our own employees, by investing in innovation and by supporting the improvement of habitats around the world we strive to increase our impact even further.