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Changing the way we give
Since 1986 we have been innovating as a gift company under the name ‘Xindao’, meaning new directions. Since then change has always been at the core of our business. Today change is more relevant than ever. Our world requires industries to change to have a lower impact on the environment. Under our new name
XD Connects, we want to change the gift industry. Starting with ourselves.
Our ambition to change
Our ambition towards 2030 is reflected in both Social and Environmental goals. For Environmental we have two main goals: Becoming a CO2 neutral company in 2030 by offsetting, and more importantly reducing our CO2 footprint in our product collection and our operations.
Select your gift based on CO2 footprint
Change with us. Let the choice of your next product be based on its CO2 footprint instead of only its design and price.
But is it traceable?

Confirmation from our suppliers is not enough. We only say ‘recycled’ if we can verify the source of a material with AWARE tracers, GRS, RCS or FSC certification.

Two years ago, we started developing as many of our products as possible from recycled materials that are traceable and verified via blockchain. Today these materials include recycled cotton, polyester, stainless steel and plastic.

Giving back
Compensation doesn't erase a product’s footprint, but it does help the work of environmental organisations we support.

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