Let us show you what we’re made of

To ‘change the way we give’, transparency is key. At XD Connects, we want to empower you, our customers, to make informed choices, creating change together. On this page, we take you through the most used materials in our lower-impact product collection to let you truly understand the impact.

In our industry, the choice of material is critical to achieve positive impact. Recycling is considered an effective way to save non-renewable resources (e.g. plastic, metal) from becoming waste and is an important part of a circular economy; recycled materials also use far fewer resources in production than conventional materials. The source of the recycled content can be ‘post-consumer’ or ‘pre-consumer’. Post-consumer refers to waste resulting from products used by consumers and then discarded, like plastic bottles. Pre-consumer refers to waste from production processes (factories) like leftover scraps of fabric. A good option in terms of circularity is to use renewable materials (e.g. cotton, wood) instead of recycled non-renewable material in products.

As a renowned supplier of corporate gifts, we take our commitment to the environment seriously. We started our journey back in 2021 to limit the use of fossil-fuel based materials to a minimum in our collection and instead use recycled or renewable materials that are responsibly sourced (see our ESG roadmap for more insights). Using materials that create a lower impact on the environment means we repurpose waste, save on natural resources, and have reduced emissions when developing products. These efforts result in unique lower-impact gifts.