Gear X takes craftsmanship to the next level with extremely solid tools that will serve you for a lifetime. All our products are tools with a unique and luxurious look.

The brand has been specially developed for anyone who values durable and strong tools. Thanks to the high quality, Gear X tools are built to last and get the job done.

Gear X always there when you need it.


From hammers and screwdrivers, to flashlights and tape measures, each tool is the result of a strong piece of craftsmanship that displays the unconditional passion for technique. The long lasting products are all crafted out of the strongest materials and at the same time very good looking: matt, solid, dark and sturdy with an anthracite touch.

In other words: get the job done in style.


Each Gear X product comes packed in a luxury black gift box with a pull strap. Inside the box you’ll find a brand card with specifications of the product, placed in an EVA inlay that is both durable and protective, ensuring that your gift arrives in perfect condition.


As part of our continuous effort to improve working conditions in the supply chain, we ensure all our Gear X products are manufactured in production facilities with a valid social audit according to the amfori BSCI auditing framework and Code of Conduct. This framework upholds strict social standards in line with international conventions like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organization (ILO).