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Create a virtual sample and quotation online

Do you want to see your customer logo on the actual product to send out with your quotation? Sure you do! Our brand new Logo tool makes it a breeze. Below is how it works.

Our Logo tool is super simple to use. You can add a logo or text exactly how you want it. It is very intuitive; you will feel like a design expert. Once your design is ready, you can either save it on your computer for later, use it directly in your order towards XD Connects or save your PDF quote with the design in it. It's really that easy.

Try out the Logo tool today and bring your brands to life like never before.

How it works :

Step 1

Log in to your shop account

Step 2

Pick the product you need.

Step 3

Hit the 'Order' button (Don’t worry, you are not ordering anything just yet)
Step 4

Select 'Add a decoration' and choose the technique and position you prefer from the available options.
Step 5

Click 'Use editor' and create your design.
Step 6

'Show preview' and 'Download image'
(for just a quick virtual sample)
Step 7

'Save layout'
(when you want to continue the ordering process or to create a quote PDF)
Step 8

Go ‘TO CHECKOUT’ or 'Create quote PDF'

Can I change the colours of my logo?
Yes, you can change the colours of your logo at the moment you upload your logo and also when working in the editor. Simply click on the colour you want to change and select a new one from the most used colours or enter a specific PMS colour

When uploading your logo:

In the editor:

Can I add have more than 1 print on the same item?
Yes, this is possible. For each print you click the "Add a decoration" button in the configurator. For each of these prints, you then create a separate logo design. Be aware that you do not select the same print area twice.

Why do I sometimes have to reduce the number of colours of my logo?
For some print techniques the max number of colours is limited. When you upload a logo that contains more colours than allowed for the selected technique, you will be advised to reduce the number of colours in your logo or to select a different print technique that allows more colours to be printed.

What logo file formats can I upload in the tool?
To create a virtual sample, the following file formats are accepted: jpg / png / eps / ai / pdf. And of course: the better the quality of your file, the better the outcome.

Can I add multiple text lines?
Yes, this is possible. Click on the + and a new text line will appear.

Can I change the font and the size of my text?
Yes, this is possible. Click on the current font and select the desired font from the drop-down.

Can I add multiple logos within the same technique?
Yes, this is possible as long as they fit the selected print area. Simply upload a new logo in the editor and it will show on the selected print position. You will have scale and drag it to get the composition of your choice.

How can I save my created design?
When you have finished your design, press "Save layout" to go back into the order and/or quotation process. Your design will show automatically in this overview. From here you can also save the image with a right mouse-click.

Can I download just the image of the decorated product?
When you have finished your design, press the "Download button" within the "Preview area" directly or click on "Preview" and press the "Download image” button.

Can I place my order from the Logo tool?
Yes you can! When you have finished your design, click on ‘save layout’. You will automatically return to the order screen and you can simply add your configuration to your basket or go directly "TO CHECKOUT". Your created design and all information about the selected print will automatically be send to us. Our DTP department will check your design and you will receive a final request for artwork approval by email before we start printing your order.

Can I use End user Resale prices on my quotation?
The prices shown on the quotation are your nett buying prices. At this moment it is not possible to select End user prices instead.

Can I add VDP to my quote when using the Logo tool?
Yes you can add VDP to your quote. This option can be selected when you have finished your design in the Logo tool and press ‘Save layout’. Tick the checkbox if you just want to create a quotation. In case of an order, you can also upload the name file in Excel.

Can I show the logo design I created also on a different colour of the same item without having to recreate the complete design?
Yes you can! Simply add a quantity behind the item colour of which you would like to see the preview and make sure all other quantities are set to zero. The image you created in the editor will then automatically change into the selected item colour after a few seconds.

Will my created design immediately go in production when I order via the website?
No, our DTP team always checks the design you created with the Logo tool and you will receive an email with the final artwork for approval. Your order will only go in production after approval of this official artwork.